Kitchens for Good Apprentice Graduation

Roxana Teran
Youth Apprenticeship Outreach and Education Analyst

On June 30, 2023, Kitchens for Good ended their fiscal year in the best way possible — with a beautiful apprentice celebration!

The San Diego-based nonprofit organization had a record number of apprentices graduate from their programs. Eleven apprentices graduated after logging 2,820 hours of study and on-the-job training or by demonstrating an intensive set of core competencies.

Kitchens for good
From left to right, starting at bottom row: Michael Chambers, Keith Tipton, Mark Busby, Jennie Stilo, Shaniya Thomas, Jessica Hill, Christopher Villanueva, Ryan Chang, Georgina Mercado, Vanessa Rojas, Aubrey Chavez, Claudia Puentes, Marry Soukhavong, Daniel Pena, Elizabeth Desjarlais, Estrella Martinez, Tyler Green, Charles Nesbitt, Cande Manjarrez, Jessica Holliday,
They also celebrated the promotion of 23 apprentices to paid on-the-job training following their completion of 10 weeks of in-class instruction.

“The apprentices and graduates we celebrated joined Kitchens for Good for many reasons, but their shared love of food and passion for a culinary or hospitality career propelled them forward to achieve their dreams,” said Jennifer Gilmore, Kitchens for Good CEO. “Witnessing their transformations throughout their apprenticeship journeys has been amazing. The next chapter is just beginning for these newly promoted apprentices and new graduates with more incredible achievements to come!”

Check out a video recap of our celebration here:

The celebration marked a fantastic end and set the stage for an exciting year ahead. In fiscal year 2024, Kitchens for Good anticipate welcoming even more talented apprentices and celebrating the accomplishments of many more graduates.  

Kitchens for Good has over 600 individuals enrolled in their tuition-free Division of Apprenticeship Standards-certified programs in Culinary, Baking, and Food Service professions. They help individuals facing barriers to employment become work ready, be placed in quality jobs, and start a career in San Diego’s robust hospitality industry. Learn more about Kitchens for Good Apprenticeship Program on their website

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