A Standing Ovation: DAS Chief Eric Rood’s Retirement Announcement

Vanessa Soto
Innovative Apprenticeship Outreach and Education Analyst

Join us in congratulating Eric Rood, Chief of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS), on his retirement as of November 3, 2023. As DAS Chief Rood concludes a distinguished tenure of 30 years in state service, DAS comes together to celebrate his profound state public service.

As a Governor’s appointee, DAS Chief Rood was tasked with the significant role of leading and enriching California’s apprenticeship programs. With extensive experience, DAS Chief Rood meticulously wove his expertise through various roles, each one a stepping stone in building a legacy centered on the uplifting of marginalized communities. His steadfast commitment to state public service has catalyzed positive change with a lasting impact on enforcing labor and tax laws, leading DAS in developing and expanding apprenticeship opportunities, and fostering inclusivity at every turn. Before his appointment as DAS Chief, Eric worked at the Labor Commissioner’s Office as Public Works Chief and Assistant State Labor Commissioner, Deputy Labor Commissioner IV- Regional Manager, Deputy Labor Commissioner II- Hearing Officer, Deputy Labor Commissioner/Industrial Relations Representative, and began his state career in tax auditing and compliance.

As we celebrate his invaluable contributions, we are reminded of the indelible impact one individual can have through a career dedicated to the service of others. DAS Chief Rood truly embodied the spirit of state public service with every task undertaken and every challenge met with grace, determination, and a smile, captured by the selfies he took everywhere he went. We will miss him greatly as a new chapter unfolds in his future.

Congratulations and best wishes, Chief Rood.

November 2023