Join DAS in Applauding the Awardees of the First $17 Million in Apprenticeship Innovation Funding!

Vanessa Soto
Innovative Apprenticeship Outreach and Education Analyst

In a dynamic celebratory video announcement, the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) announced the awardees of the first $17 Million in Apprenticeship Innovation Funding (AIF). AIF is formula funding to help scale apprenticeships across many new sectors. This funding is accessible to IACA programs, which are programs associated with the Interagency Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (IACA)  which oversees all apprenticeships outside of the building and fire trades.


The 48 AIF awardees being celebrated were awarded this formula funding as a reimbursement of the operational and training costs of the programs and based on the number of apprentices they served in 2022. The video showcases the diverse range of apprenticeship program sectors benefiting from AIF funding. It covers sectors from advanced manufacturing, the public sector, education, healthcare, and information technology. The top occupations include correctional officers, electrical power-line installers, educational counselors, bilingual teacher assistants, and software developers. IACA apprenticeships are also being used as a framework to help people upskill to become registered nurses and filling the needs of community health workers.

Altogether, the first round of AIF is funding over 7,000 apprentices across awardee IACA programs. Additionally, the video highlights the impact of AIF funding. In 2022, 18% more apprenticeships were created across these many sectors, and we are seeing that growth continue in 2023. DAS also gathered information on the average hourly wage and hourly compensation package, which includes any health benefits that are being offered to apprentices. The information gathered showed the average hourly apprentice wage is $33.13 and the average compensation package is $53.30. These statistics not only demonstrate the success of AIF programs but also highlight the broader benefits of apprenticeships in building a robust workforce that provides economic mobility to Californians.

The AIF awardee video serves as a call to action for the continued growth of IACA apprenticeship programs. The second cycle of AIF will open in Q1 2024. Concluding on an inspiring note, “A huge congratulations to all the first-round recipients of this Apprenticeship Innovation Funding. You are pioneers in what you're doing and we're so excited to be partnering with you and growing new earning and learning opportunities in California”, said DAS Deputy Chief Adele Burnes.

To access the AIF awardee recorded announcement, please visit: AIF Awardee Announcement Video

To access the complete list of the first round of AIF awardees, please visit: AIF 2022 Awardees

December 2023