A Word from an Apprentice What does apprenticeship mean to you?

Madison Goss
WordPress Apprentice, Bitwise Industries

“When my ability to work as a nanny was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was working a string of odd jobs, ranging from patient transport, to grocery store clerk, to serving at a local restaurant. The transition from caring for the well-being of two amazing children to working in a grocery store, transporting patients in a hospital setting, to serving pizzas at a bar and grill, was very hard.

After seeing an Instagram ad about Bitwise Industries’ classes, I signed up on a whim diving into this incredible world of tech. I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish in the six-week course, considering all the information was completely new to me and the environment was very fast-paced. No more than two weeks into the class, I was certain I wanted to earn a spot as an apprentice on the Bitwise team, so I worked hard towards this goal every day. This all paid off, because I am now in the seventh month of the WordPress Apprenticeship. I knew I was ready for a challenge I could sink my teeth into, but what I found was an innovative community that constantly provides new challenges and encourages my personal development. I highly recommend Bitwise classes and have even made the recommendation to a friend who is five months into their design apprenticeship!

As for me, I’m currently learning to code custom themes for our clients and assist local businesses with their websites. I look forward to completing the next two Bitwise classes and continue working toward becoming a full stack developer. Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I would truly be honored to join the Bitwise Tech Consulting team! I'm just getting started and feel that with Bitwise, the sky is the limit!”

July 2022