A Word from a Journeyman What does Apprenticeship Mean to You?

Deamos Potter
Journeyman Operating Engineer, JAC Operating Engineers for the 46 Northern

Deamos Potter
Deamos with his two children
"Joining the operating engineers changed my life. To prepare myself for a career, and to be able to support my two kids I am raising on my own, I supervised at Beutler Air and Heat for a while before joining the laborers union. I was working day and night for years, but I was finally offered to switch to the operator's union. When I joined, it was like a dream come true. I started as a first-step apprentice and took a pay cut but had my future in mind. I gave my apprenticeship my all. I got through the steps while learning how to run heavy iron, do amazing engineering, build a job, and work as a team. The support that I got from my union, my coordinator and co-workers propelled me through my apprenticeship program and helped turn me into a productive operator. I feel honored and proud to finally have a career that I can be truly passionate about. Going to work every day brings a smile to my face that words can barely explain. I have challenging moments but the satisfaction I feel after success is always rewarding. I am able to provide a comfortable life for my family and have energy after work for my kids. I feel equal to an NFL player, because I am happy and making a high income. I love what I do for a living and I am proud and truly fortunate to not only have a career, but one that I enjoy every single day. I want to thank the operating engineers, teachers and my favorite coordinator, Jenny, for the opportunity that they have given me."

October 2022