Third Annual Apprenticeship Exposition Shows Students Their Future in Trades

Hershel Baser
Apprenticeship Consultant, Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards

Students talk with programs and learn about the trades during the 3rd Annual Apprenticeship Exposition

The Stanislaus County Office of Education, in collaboration with the Valley Building & Construction Trades Council, hosted the 3rd Annual Apprenticeship Exposition this past spring at the Modesto Junior College ACE Pavilion. The over 600 junior and senior students that were in attendance got exposed to apprenticeship programs in the trades throughout the Central Valley. Many of the programs provided hands-on work activities, which are actual work processes required for the on-the-job training portion of the training in each particular occupation.

The Central Valley Electricians J.A.T.C. in Modesto set up a mock-up portion of a wall that had multiple outlets where students were able to work with active apprentices wiring outlets. Another program in Modesto, the Central Valley-Motherlode Plumbers, Pipe and Refrigeration Fitters J.A.T.C also had active apprentices engaging with students. They demonstrated measuring and welding pipe in the same way apprentices learn through their program.

Events like this one show students that college is not the only option. The occupations that were presented—bricklayer, carpenter, cement mason, electrician, plumber, iron worker, roofer, and machinist—are good-paying jobs with benefits. It is projected that the demand for skilled workers will grow, with thousands of apprentices needed to work on public works projects throughout the state in the next five years. For hard-working individuals who want to make a change in their life, apprenticeship provides structure, stability and a career with financial security for those who take advantage of the opportunity.

First step: find an apprenticeship program.

December 2022