Women in Construction Apprenticeships

California is committed to nurturing an equitable environment where dreams are empowered by opportunity and support. Construction and building trade apprenticeships provide a clear map for career progression that leads to mastering highly in-demand skills, which often leads to job security and paves the way for fulfilling successful careers.

Historically, construction and building trade apprenticeship career pathways have been a domain dominated by men, while women only make up 10.9% of the building trades workforce nationally.

To close the gap, the Equal Representation in Construction Apprenticeship Grant (ERiCA), administered by the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) distributed twenty-five million dollars to increase opportunities in the construction industry for women, non-binary, and underserved communities to cover the costs of child care and bolstering outreach. The ERiCA Grant symbolizes the dawning of an era where inclusivity and diversity take center stage.

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The State of California wants to ensure your journey in construction and building trade apprenticeships is not only prosperous but safe, respected, and valued. We are committed to championing work cultures where employees feel empowered to address their concerns about hazardous working conditions, retaliation, and wage theft. To reinforce our commitment, below is a comprehensive list of resources to support and empower you.

October 2023