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Training Fund Search

This search function allows awarding agencies, labor and contract compliance organizations, contractors, and other interested parties to view and print a specific contractor’s Training Fund contribution paid to the California Apprenticeship Council for the previous 48 months. The payment of the training funds is regulated by California Labor Code 1777.5(m)(1)

Please enter the contractor’s license number to begin search.

If you do not know the contractor’s license number you may search for it at this site:

For employers without a Contractor's license you may look up the id number that was assigned

Don't see your recent training fund contribution in the payment history?

Possible reasons:
1) Wrong Remit address, our current remit address is as follows:
Department of Industrial Relations
California Apprenticeship Council
P. O. Box 511283
Los Angeles, CA   90051-7838

2) Old CAC2 form, all New CAC2 web forms (found at
are now automated and will appear on our payment history website within 48 hours after
receipt in our P. O. Box.   Exceptions to this would be missing or no contractor license number
provided, system failures and holidays.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please send them to