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Apprenticeship Program

DIR’s Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) is responsible for the development, maintenance and registration of California’s apprenticeship programs in all industries including Construction and Building, Firefighting, Information Technology, Health Care, Civil Service/Public Sector and Advanced Manufacturing.

Registered apprenticeships help employers cultivate loyal teams in a fraction of the time it would take typically due to the earn-and-learn model. Apprentices receive theoretical study and on-the-job training at the same time to prepare and certify them to meet your specific workforce needs upon program completion.

Other significant benefits to registered apprenticeships include reduced rates of turnover, improved morale, more ease in succession planning, a more diverse workforce and the following:

1) Return on investment: $1.47 return for every $1.00 invested in apprenticeship
2) Free consultative services from DAS to setup your program
3) Eligibility for state and/or federal funding upon program registration
4) Apprentice pay structure commensurate with productivity

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April 2022

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