Director's Prevailing Wage Enforcement Decisions (Labor Code section 1742) (2011 to present)

Department of Industrial Relations

Public Notice Regarding Availability of Prevailing Wage Enforcement Decisions

This page contains links to Decisions by the Director of Industrial Relations in cases arising out of prevailing wage enforcement actions under Labor Code section 1742.  These Decisions have not been designated precedential and, therefore, under the Administrative Procedures Act’s Administrative Adjudication Bill of Rights, they cannot be relied on as authority in future cases.  The Decisions are being provided to the regulated public to show how the Director has interpreted the statutory scheme, and applied its provisions, in specific factual settings. 

The page contains links only to those Decisions issued since January 1, 2011.  The page also includes a word search function. 

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2024 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
5/8/2024 21-0042-PWH Peterson-Chase General Engineering
2/21/2024 21-0155-PWH Michael Robert Sierra, an individual, doing business as, Sierra Sandblasting & Painting

2023 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
12/19/2023 20-0389-PWH
D.L. Starr Enterprises, Inc.
Diede Construction, Inc.
6/9/2023 22-0288-PWH A & Y Asphalt Contractors, Inc.
5/3/2023 22-0119-PWH Tribute Tile and Stone, Inc.
4/3/2023 20-0289-PWH
Anton’s Service, Inc.
3/28/2023 20-0304-PWH Moutaz Alsayed, an Individual dba The Stone Collector
3/16/2023 21-0066-PWH M.V.C. Enterprises, Inc., a CA Corporation
1/31/2023 21-0172-PWH Dreambuilder Construction Corp

2022 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
11-17-2022 20-0002-PWH Mega Air Co., Inc.
11-8-2022 20-0010-PWH Mega Air Co., Inc.
9/15/2022 20-0206-PWH Katch Environmental, Inc.
8/20/2022 20-0348-PWH Original Sid Blackman Plumbing, Inc.
8/18/2022 19-0134-PWH Zusser Company, Inc.
8/12/2022 20-0300-PWH RGW Construction, Inc.
7/20/2022 19-0209-PWH & 19-0317-PWH Tobo Construction, Inc. and Mega Air Co., Inc.
5/25/2022 20-0229-PWH Grant Construction, Inc.
4/27/2022 21-0084-PWH Dufau Landscape, Inc.
2/3/2022 21-0090-PWH PMK Professional, Inc., a California Corporation
1/11/2022 19-0226-PWH Tobo Construction, Inc., a California Corporation

2021 decisions

2020 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
12/30/2020 19-0267-PWH Ron Guidry's Floor Covering, Inc.
11/18/2020 17-0179-PWH &
KPRS Construction Services 
Dana Electric, Inc.
11/18/2020 19-0176-PWH &
Pars Industries Inc. dba Woodcraft Company
P.H. Hagopian Constractor, Inc.
11/13/2020 18-0238-PWH Bowen Engineering and Environmental
10/21/2020 16-0358-PWH T B Penick Sons, Inc.
10/19/2020 19-0323-PWH Planet Mechanical, Inc.
10/19/2020 17-0059-PWH Minako America Corp.
10/19/2020 19-0321-PWH Nu-Glass System Inc.
9/15/2020 18-0293-PWH Antoun Jean Fata, Individually dba Fata Construction and Development
9/7/2020 19-0017-PWH FarPointe Inc.
8/28/2020 17-0008-PWH AWI Builders, Inc.

Worthington Construction, Inc.

(Order Denying Reconsideration)

8/7/2020 16-0286-PWH &
Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC
3-D Enterprise, Inc.
7/17/2020 19-0253-PWH Micon Construction, Inc.

Qiana Marshall Riley dba Astro Construction

(Notice of No Action on Request for Reconsideration)



Antoun Jean Fata doing business as Fata Construction and Development

(Order Modifying Decision Of The Director Of Industrial Relations To Correct Clerical Error)

(Corrected Decision Of The Director Of Industrial Relations)


Blue Pacific Engineering and Construction

(Order Denying Reconsideration)

5/15/2020 16-0059-PWH GRFCO, Inc.
5/15/2020 18-0188-PWH Michael Marlon Bandy dba MB Plumbing Services
5/14/2020 17-0259-PWH Lusardi Construction Company
5/13/2020 19-0386-PWH GEOBODEN, Inc.
5/13/2020 19-0385-PWH GEOBODEN INC.
5/13/2020 19-0387-PWH GEOBODEN INC.
5/12/2020 18-0193-PWH Hareon Solar USA Corp. dba Armona Solar
5/12/2020 18-0414-PWH New Image Commercial Flooring, Inc.
5/12/2020 17-0189-PWH William Frederick Willams, an individual dba American Construction Engineers
5/11/2020 17-0278-PWH William Williams an individual dba American Construction Engineers

2019 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)



HGM & Company, Inc.
12/24/2019 17-0484-PWH Vailston Company
12/24/2019 18-0340-PWH California Averland Construction, Inc.
12/24/2019 19-0242-PWH Genesis Innovators, Inc.
11/8/2019 17-0383-PWH Minako America Corporation dba Minco Construction
11/7/2019 16-0448-PWH DVBE ASAP, Inc.
11/7/2019 16-0326-PWH Micon Construction, Inc.


Simmons Construction, Inc.
Simmons Construction, Inc.

16-0333-PWH (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)

Newport Construction, Inc.
(Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
9/11/2019 16-0380-PWH Bannaoun Engineers Constructors Corporation
8/16/2019 16-0247-PWH & 16-0251-PWH Sinanian Development, Inc.
Newport Construction, Inc.
(Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
8/5/2019 17-0350-PWH Qiana Riley, an individual dba Astro Construction
7/25/2019 18-0563-PWH Kevin Sullivan Heating & Air, Inc.
7/29/2019 15-0441-PWH Aya Plumbing, Inc.
7/18/2019 16-0253-PWH Toro Enterprises Inc.
7/10/2019 17-0450-PWH Cintas Corporation No. 2
7/10/2019 17-0437-PWH Cintas Corporation No. 2
6/28/2019 18-0252-PWH Marjani Builders, Inc.
6/26/2019 16-0457-PWH Sylvania Lighting Services Corp.
6/26/2019 17-0038-PWH Worthington Construction, Inc.
5/29/2019 17-0138-PWH Principles Contracting, Inc.
5/29/2019 17-0233-PWH Principles Contracting, Inc.
5/29/2019 17-0234-PWH Principles Contracting, Inc.
5/29/2019 17-0247-PWH Principles Contracting, Inc.
5/3/2019 16-0412-PWH Borella Brothers, Inc.
5/3/2019 17-0110-PWH Optima RPM, Inc.
5/3/2019 17-0109-PWH Southwest Design and Supply Company
5/3/2019 16-0465-PWH Worthington Construction, Inc.
4/24/2019 16-0412-PWH Aghapy Group, Inc. dba Aghapy Construction, Inc.
4/21/2019 15-0303-PWH Precision Mechanical & Refrigeration Services, Inc., dba Precision Mechanical & HVAC
3/20/2019 17-0118-PWH Aghapy Group, Inc. dba Aghapy Construction, Inc.
3/18/2019 10-0349-PWH, et al. J.D. Diffenbaugh, Inc.
3/18/2019 16-0472-PWH Alvand Construction
3/18/2019 17-0039-PWH Sieesa Global, Inc.
2/25/2019 16-0472-PWH GRFCO, Inc.
1/24/2019 17-0470-PWH and 17-0472-PWH       Bay City, Inc. and Broward Builders, Inc.
1/17/2019 15-0275-PWH Minako America Corporation dba Minco Construction

2018 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
12/27/2018 16-0137-PWH Jason Flint Frost, individually dba Frost HVAC (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
11/14/2018 17-0226PWH and 17-0229-PWH D7 Roofing Services Inc. and Deacon Corp.
10/5/2018 17-0190-PWH William Williams, an individual dba American Construction Engineers
10/4/2018 17-0150-PWH William Williams, an individual dba American Construction Engineers
9/14/18 16-0292-PWH Recom, Inc.
7/17/18 16-0222-PWH, 16-0225-PWH, 16-0227-PWH Adventist Health System/West, TEG/LVI Environmental Services, Inc., and HBE Corporation, a Delaware corporation
6/29/18 16-0413-PWH Aghapy Group, Inc. dba Aghapy Construction, Inc.
6/18/18 17-0004-PWH GRFCO, Inc.
5/18/18 15-0402-PWH Micon Construction, Inc.
5/18/18 17-0344-PWH Malachi Paving & Grading, Inc.
2/5/18 16-0241-PWH Montez Glass, Inc.

2017 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
12/14/17 15-0468-PWH Embree Construction Group, Inc. and Truitt Oilfield Maintenance Corporation
8/24/17 16-0388-PWH Ro’s Precise Painting, Inc.
8/22/17 16-0471-PWH GRFCO, Inc.
8/15/17 16-0025-PWH Hobbs Construction, Inc.
8/11/17 15-0321-PWH Danny Lynwood Rockett, an individual doing business as IronHorse Construction
7/26/17 12-0106-PWH W.A. Thomas Company, Inc.
7/24/17 14-0290-DAS East Bay Floorcovering, Inc.
7/17/17 14-0623-PWH Micon Construction, Inc.
7/17/17 15-0229-PWH, 15-0256-PWH KB Engineering, Inc. & LTD Construction Services GP dba Walton Construction Services
7/6/17 15-0455-PWH Baron Services, Inc.
6/16/17 14-0387-PWH Nemecheck, Inc.
6/16/17 14-0386-PWH Nemecheck, Inc.
6/13/17 15-0422-PWH Quality Electric & Engineering, Inc.
5/15/17 14-0066-PWH Recom, Inc.
5/15/17 15-0258-PWH Don Martinez, dba Alpha 1 Construction
5/11/17 11-0218-PWH, 11-0219-PWH Brown Construction, Inc. and Weber Construction
5/8/17 13-0478-PWH Division 8, Inc.
3/3/17 16-0241-PWH Montez Glass Inc.
1/17/17 12-0165-PWH Shamrock Structures, Inc. (Order Granting Reconsideration and Decision)
1/17/17 12-0167-PWH Shamrock Structures, Inc. (Order Granting Reconsideration and Decision)

2016 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
11/01/16 15-0240-PWH Ornelas Enterprises, Inc. dba Ornelas Electric Construction
10/14/16 15-0271-PWH ICON Commercial Contractors Inc., dba ICON Builders; and Santa Fe Painting, Inc., A California Corporation dba Leo's Painting
10/07/16 15-0435-PWH Industrial Coating & Restoration, Inc.
8/23/16 15-0390-PWH United GLI, Inc.
8/10/16 15-0409-PWH SE Clemons, Inc.
8/2/16 13-0574-PWH, 13-0576-PWH AYA Plumbing Inc
8/2/16 15-0030-PWH Manal Nofal dba Cal-United Construction Group
7/21/16 16-0075-PWH Cooks and Son Inc
7/21/16 16-0040-PWH Don Martinez dba Alpha 1 Construction
7/21/16 15-0227-PWH DMR Team, Inc. (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
7/21/16 15-0416-PWH Aria Fire Systems Inc
6/27/16 15-0462-PWH West Coast Water & Trucking, Inc.
6/24/16 15-0182-PWH Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc.
6/20/16 14-0233-PWH Solar Blue West Inc
5/23/16 15-0168-PWH D D Systems Inc dba ACE CD Inc
5/23/16 14-0438-PWH GBR Enterprises Inc
5/23/16 14-0376-PWH ZK Construction
5/23/16 14-0439-PWH GBR Enterprises Inc
5/23/16 14-0377-PWH ZK Construction
5/23/16 13-0062-PWH G Coast Construction Inc
4/15/16 14-0587-PWH Trinidad Manuel Canales dba Del Norte Construction (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
4/8/16 14-0462-PWH Monet Construction Inc
3/22/16 15-0074-PWH GRFCO Inc
2/18/16 14-0572-PWH Minako America Corp. dba Minco Construction (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
2/12/16 15-0109-PWH Security Signal Devices Inc
2/11/16 15-0212-PWH Desert Concepts Construction Inc
2/8/16 15-0184-PWH Doug Parks and Son Plumbing
2/8/16 14-0335-PWH lnfiniti Contractors Corp.

2015 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
12/14/15 15-0259-PWH AEKO Consulting, a California Corporation
11/19/15 15-0010-PWH Ornelas Enterprise Inc
10/23/15 14-0312-PWH 2K Roofing, LLC
9/10/15 14-0642-PWH Consolidated Drywall, Inc.
8/26/15 14-0375-PWH 2K Roofing, LLC
8/26/15 14-0666-PWH 99 Pipeline, Inc.
8/26/15 14-0565-PWH Garcia Juarez Construction, Inc.
8/18/15 14-0120-PWH La Jolla Electric Inc
7/29/15 14-0490-PWH GBR Enterprise Inc.
7/29/15 14-0625-PWH Montez Glass, Inc.
6/24/15 14-0418-PWH ASM Affiliates, inc.
6/24/15 14-0384-PWH RMV Construction, inc. (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
6/23/15 14-0125-PWH La Jolla Electric, Inc.
6/23/15 14-0123-PWH Southwest General Contractors, Inc.
6/10/15 14-0372-PWH Davis Laboratories, Inc.
6/10/15 14-0373-PWH Davis Laboratories, Inc.
5/1/15 13-0439-PWH SDB Construction Co., Sole Ownership
5/1/15 13-0625-PWH Amerivet Plumbing Services, Inc
4/29/15 14-0192-PWH Sierra Nevada Stucco
4/29/15 13-0351-PWH Cedars Engineering Construction, Inc
4/23/15 14-0066-PWH Recom, Inc.
4/21/15 13-0312-PWH, 13-0332-PWH Azurelite Inc., Taisei Construction Corp
3/16/15 14-0050-PWH RMV Construction, Inc.
3/2/15 14-0460-PWH Arc Construction, Inc.
3/2/15 14-0502-PWH Worthington Construction, Inc.
1/8/15 14-0209-PWH Baron Services, Inc.

2014 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
12/30/14 14-0090-PWH RMV Construction, Inc.
12/30/14 13-0506-PWH STI Inc Trucking and Materials
12/15/14 14-0280-PWH, 14-0281-PWH Worthington Construction, Inc.
12/3/14 14-0296-PWH Sierra Nevada Stucco
11/25/14 14-0188-PWH Baron Services, Inc.
11/12/14 13-0632-PWH Butte Steel & Fabrication, Inc.
10/24/14 12-0411-PWH Pac West Corp.
9/9/14 14-0014-PWH Cool Air Supply, Inc.
8/22/14 13-0642-PWH Jayco Group Inc DBA Yetter Steel, Inc.
7/23/14 12-0152-PWH Weeger Bros, inc.
7/23/14 13-0623-PWH Central Valley Exteriors, Inc.
7/23/14 13-0058-PWH Peace of Mind Constructions, Inc.
7/10/14 13-0010-PWH G Coast Construction, Inc.
7/10/14 12-0256-PWH Cool Air Supply, Inc.
7/9/14 13-0258-PWH Pac West Corp.
7/9/14 13-0215-PWH Falcon Builders, Inc.
7/9/14 12-0332-PWH Gaul & Gaul, Inc.
5/29/14 13-0374-PWH Quiocho Concrete, Inc. (Stipulation For Director's Decision; Order Thereon)
2/14/14 12-0400-PWH Tricorp Construction, Inc.

2013 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
11/25/13 12-0353-PWH, 12-0356-PWH, 12-0357-PWH P&J ENGINEERING, a Partnership
11/5/13 12-0182-PWH Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc.
11/5/13 12-0077-PWH Michale Moore Construction, Inc. dba MMC Pavers
10/4/13 12-0261-PWH Serenity Fire Protection
8/26/13 13-0038-PWH Tricorp Construction Inc.
A Corporation dba Tricorp/Hearn
8/26/13 13-0007-PWH
Tricorp Construction Inc.
A Corporation dba Tricorp/Hearn
William Charles Falconer dba
Majestic Interiors
7/26/13 13-0038-PWH Morgan Construction
7/01/13 12-0330-PWH, 12-0367-PWH CLP Resources, Inc. and SolarCity Corporation (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
6/17/13 13-0140-PWH Vector Resources, Inc.
6/3/13 12-0305-PWH Enviro-Tech Solutions, Inc. dba Southland Construction Co.
5/30/13 12-0326-PWH Construction Management General Engineering, Inc.
5/29/13 12-0137-PWH G Coast Construction, Inc.
5/17/13 13-0035-PWH A P West Coast, Inc.
5/14/13 12-0224-PWH County Line Framing, Inc.
4/29/13 12-0098-PWH Advanced Professional Industries, Inc.

2012 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
11/7/2012 12-0116-PWH Southland Construction
11/6/2012 12-0063-PWH, 12-0126-PWH Design Turf Technologies, Inc.
10/8/2012 12-0062-PWH Bannaoun Engineers Constructors Corp
8/3/2012 11-0047-PWH Superior Stucco & Plastering, Inc.
7/6/2012 11-0027-PWH River Partners
6/12/2012 12-0013-PWH Sierra Landscape Company, Inc.
6/5/2012 11-0166-PWH Davis Moreno Construction, Inc.
5/31/2012 12-0003-PWH Alpha Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc.
5/15/2012 11-0173-PWH RAN Electric, Inc.
5/9/2012 11-0097-PWH Seal Electric, Inc.
4/3/2012 11-0237-PWH, 11-0272-PWH Icon West, Inc.; United Shotcrete, Inc.
3/22/2012 11-0102-PWH, 11-0103-PWH, 11-0104-PWH Vector Resources, Inc.; TEK EF & I Solutions, LP; Outsource Telecom, Inc.
3/13/2012 11-0081-PWH RAN Enterprises, Inc.
3/8/2012 11-0233-PWH RCI Electrical & Design
2/21/2012 10-0284-PWH Southland Construction

2011 decisions

Date Issued Case Number(s) Contractor/Subcontractor(s)
12/28/2011 10-0301-PWH First Sealord Surety, Inc.
12/7/2011 11-0049-PWH DJM Construction Co., Inc.
12/7/2011 11-0182-PWH Solpac, Inc., dba Soltek Pacific
12/6/2011 11-0055-PWH General Underground Fire Protection
12/6/2011 11-0079-PWH Azurelite, Inc.
12/6/2011 11-0064-PWH F.E. Services, Inc.
11/22/2011 09-0249-PWH FEI Enterprises, Inc.
10/21/2011 07-0245-PWH, 07-312-PWH Waste Connections, Inc., Waste Connections of California, Inc., and Madera Disposal Systems, Inc.
10/20/2011 10-0324-PWH Crossroads Diversified Services, Inc
10/19/2011 10-0310-PWH Pivot Group, Inc.
10/3/2011 11-0075-PWH Resource Development Company
9/7/2011 08-0231-PWH Damon Const. Co. (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
8/26/2011 10-0046-PWH Tek-up Construction, Inc.
8/18/2011 11-0107-PWH S W Allen Construction Inc
7/6/2011 10-0278-PWH Brown Construction, Inc. (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
7/6/2011 09-0054-PWH Lewis C. Nelson & Sons, Inc. (Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
6/30/2011 11-0074-PWH Reynaldo Candelario Tagle individually and doing business as Cinray Construction, Inc.
6/9/2011 09-0256-PWH Bedard Controls, Inc.
6/9/2011 09-0007-PWH, 09-0007-PWH Kenner Construction and Explore General, Inc.(Order Denying Reconsideration and Decision)
6/7/2011 09-0253-PWH FEI Enterprises, Inc.
5/10/2011 10-0233-PWH RMR Construction (Decision and Decision After Reconsideration)
5/5/2011 09-0126-PWH KOO Construction, Inc.
5/4/2011 10-0122-PWH Cinray Construction
3/30/2011 10-0320-PWH J. Poot Electric
3/24/2011 08-0023-PWH Shasta General Engineering Inc.(Denial of Reconsideration and Decision After Remand)
3/3/2011 10-0093-PWH, 10-0094-PWH Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating, Inc. and R.D. Olson Construction L.P.
3/3/2011 09-0090-PWH Armando Vargas Pena dba Quality Plumbing
2/16/2011 10-0279-PWH Labat’s Tree Care (Order Granting Reconsideration and Decision)
2/15/2011 07-0308-PWH, 07-0309-PWH, 07-0310-PWH, 07-0311-PWH Southern Bleacher Company, Inc; Biland Construction Company and Genoa Construction Co., Inc (Denial of Reconsideration and Decision)
1/13/2011 09-0215-PWH FEI Enterprises Inc.(Denial of Reconsideration and Decision)

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