EDEX checklist

Detailed information about the Electronic Data Exchange System (EDEX) can be found on the EDEX pages of the DWC website.

Completed applications with ORIGINAL SIGNATURE should be mailed to:

Department of Industrial Relations
Division of Workers’ Compensation
Attn: EDEX Support
P.O Box 420447
San Francisco, CA 94142-0447

Incomplete application packages and/or those with non-original signatures will be returned.

  1. If you wish to develop your own software for EDEX, you must complete items #1, #2a, b, c and d of the following process. If you already have approved EDEX software from a certified EDEX vendor, then items #2a, b, c and d apply
  1. For the applicant who wishes to develop their own EDEX compatible software – Please send an acknowledgement letter to the Division that you have reviewed the current (EDEX 4.0) technical specifications and are ready and capable of meeting the technical requirements for automated data exchange with the Division. Applicant must then demonstrate to the Division’s satisfaction that they can meet the requirements and specifications by successfully completing the EDEX software certification process.
  2. Only limited technical support will be provided by DWC to software developers wishing to certify. Developer must review the specifications and generally understand what is required of them to develop their interface to EDEX. You will be expected to have sufficient technical knowledge in order to engage in the EDEX software development, testing and certification process.

    For those applicants who do not meet the technical qualifications, but have both a legal and legitimate interest in the status of DWC adjudicated cases—You may either acquire certified third-party software that meets EDEX specifications, or utilize the services of a certified third-party EDEX service provider. Either of these solutions will provide you with personal assistance in setting up your EDEX account and client information and obtaining access to case information on DWC adjudicated cases. A list of both EDEX software vendors and EDEX service providers are provided for your convenience on our website.

  3. Complete and sign the following:
    1. Subscriber application
    2. EDEX client acknowledgment of legal constraints on access to information and use of information
    3. Provide an EDEX client list. For those who are only interested in selling their software as an EDEX vendor, you will need to identify only yourself as a client for testing purposes.
    4. See Section B for additional requirements.

  4. The EDEX administrator provides the DWC Legal Unit with a copy of the application package for review and approval.
  5. Once the application is reviewed and conditionally approved (pending the software’s satisfactory completion of technical testing), the EDEX administrator will notifies the DIR Information System Unit (IS) to proceed with the technical testing phase.
  6. IS contact person will send an email to the applicant to schedule the certification testing. For an applicant who meets the SFT requirements, IS will set up the SFT account for testing. This account will be used by the vendor for production if they are intending on being a “service provider”. If so, they will keep their EDEX subscriber account and SFT credentials going forward. If applicant is not successful on the first test they will be allowed one additional opportunity to be scheduled as soon as they are ready to proceed. If they failed the second test, they will be denied testing for a minimum of 30 days before they will be rescheduled. Each testing session requires two days.
  7. IS advises the EDEX administrator and the DWC Legal Unit of the software’s successful technical testing.
  8. The DWC Legal Unit formally approves the application.
  9. The EDEX administrator notifies the applicant of approval.
  10. Approved software vendors should have:
    1. An SFT site (preferred) or an electronic mailbox on the GXS value added network for sending and receiving transmissions.
    2. An EDEX account number. This will be assigned by the EDEX administrator once the applicant has completed the EDEX contract package and the package has been approved by DWC.

  11. Once approved, the vendor may start transmitting data via EDEX.

B. The following documentations are required for EDEX subscriber and/or client:

ORIGINAL signatures on all forms

  • Acknowledgement of Legal Constraint Form with ORIGINAL signature – if applicable
  • Address verification from the USPS website (for all applications)

Any one of the items below can be submitted. Name and address on the supporting documentation should match those on the application form:

  • Business entity detail showing “Active” status from the Secretary of State website
  • Valid and current business license (if required in location where business operates)
  • Utility bill (with a written explanation/justification why business license cannot be provide)

DWC will not:

  1. Issue separate subscriber/client numbers for co-located subscribers/clients unless  a compelling justification for separate subscriber and/or client numbers is provided
  2. Issue a new number if a subscriber/client has an existing number for the same location
  3. Issue a client number for applicants using P.O. Box addresses.

May 2013