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Youth in Construction - Laws To Know

What Can Happen to You


"I was doing roofing without a safety harness and I fell on a side and dislocated my shoulder".

"We were working on a scaffold and one guy wasn't clipped on. One of the pins broke loose and shook the scaffold, and he fell about 20 feet and broke his back".

Man fallingFalls from any elevation can result in serious injury and or death. Different types of work that expose fall hazards include: working on roofs, working off ladders, painting, nailing on elevated structures, working off scaffolds, and other elevated work areas.

Guys says: Check it out! Learn how to protect yourself from falls and use
    the proper equipment to avoid getting hurt or killed

How to Keep Yourself Safe

You are responsible for following the training and safe work practices of your teachers and employers.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you don't know or you're not sure, ask your teacher or foreman before starting your work.

1. Get Trained On

The Cal/OSHA regulations have various working heights that trigger the use of Fall Protection, ask your teacher or supervisor.

2. Make Good Choices

  • Always follow your training.
  • Give your undivided attention to your tasks. Do not rush, daydream, "horse around" or take any chances or shortcuts.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Immediately report anything you see or think is unsafe to your teacher or supervisor.
  • If you feel pain or suffer an injury, report it right away to your teacher or foreman.

Never climb up heights to work without the appropriate training, supervision, and safety equipment

Books  For more information on how to keep yourself safe, read Best Practices, Training Topics for Teachers and Employers.