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Stopping Falls:

If guard rails, toeboards, and scaffolds are not provided or impractical above 7.5 feet, then fall hazards can be avoided by using one or a combination of the following Fall Protection Systems (T8CCR 1669 - 1670).

  • Personal Fall Arrest (such as a horizontal life line secured to harness).
  • Personal Fall Restraint (such as body belts attached to a life-line).
  • Positioning Devices (a system of ropes and body harnesses).
  • Safety Nets (T8CCR 1671).
    • Safety nets are required where the elevation is 25 feet or more above the ground, water surface, or continuous floor level below, and when the use of personal fall arrest systems, personal fall restraint systems, positioning device systems or more conventional types of protection are clearly impractical.

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