Elevator Companies Submittal of Plans and Notification of Intent to Install

A State safety inspection is a multipurpose activity. For a new device, the inspection serves to ensure that the device meets the Elevator Safety Orders that are being enforced at that time. It also verifies that the equipment installed complies with the design parameters. If the conveyance is new or altered, the request must be generated by the certified installing company.

An inspection is to be made when required by the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 6, Elevator Safety Orders (ESO).

Currently, an inspection is required:

  • When a device is first installed as new before it can be released for public use;
  • When any alteration/modernization work is performed as outlined in the ESO;
  • Annually; and
  • When a device has been reactivated after being taken out of service for an extended period of time.

If modernization work is performed on a device, an inspection will validate that the work performed is in compliance with whatever edition of the Elevator Safety Orders that is applicable at that time.

Any person or firm who intends to install a new conveyance must notify the local division office having jurisdiction with:

Construction Personnel Hoists (CPH) does not require a letter of intent because they are not permanent devices.

Alterations to existing passenger or freight elevators as defined in §3000(h) shall be considered new installations for 1) submittal of notice of intent to make the alteration and 2) the subsequent notification that the work is complete and ready for inspection. The notice of intent shall include a complete description of the alteration. (CCR Title 8 §3001).

Letters of Intent containing incomplete or incorrect information will be returned to the requesting party for correction/completion. Inspections will not be scheduled until all the correct information is complete, supporting documentation has been submitted and the district office has determined that the proper tests have been performed and the device is ready for inspection.

A Request for Inspection (pdf, 58 KB, MS Word version) by the elevator company should be made when the installation or alterations are finished, including all work required by the General Contractor. Any work which is required to be done by the General Contractor must be completed before a request to inspect is made. If this work is not completed, the inspection, including load test will not be conducted. A new request will have to be made and will be subject to the workload in the respective office. See Circular Letter E-97-1

If you would like to request clarification of the Elevator Safety Orders please submit this form.