Some on the job experience - general electrician


Register as an electrician trainee

To qualify as an electrician trainee

  1. Enroll in a state recognized school
  2. Work directly supervised by a certified electrician. The supervisor may only have one electrician trainee under his/her supervision.

When can I take the test to be certified?

When you have accumulated 8,000 hrs of on-the-job-experience and have completed 720 hours of related and supplemental instruction.

When you pass the exam you may work as an electrician.

CA Code of Regulations, Title 8, § 291.2 (g) An Electrician Trainee who has completed an Approved Curriculum for the classification for which certification is sought and is currently registered as an Electrician Trainee is eligible to take the certification examination. The Electrician Trainee must submit a certificate of completion of an Approved Curriculum with the application and pay the required application and testing fees. The Electrician Trainee shall not be certified until he or she passes the examination and submits proof of experience as required under Section 291.1. The Electrician Trainee must renew registration to continue as an Electrician Trainee until certified.