Sheltered Workshops and Special Minimum Wage Workers

Sheltered workshop licenses are issued for programs operated by nonprofit organizations. (See Labor Code section 1191.5.)

A license authorizing payment of a special minimum wage to a disabled worker is also issued to for-profit business establishments and disabled individuals. The special minimum wage paid to disabled workers must be commensurate with their productivity and wage compared with those of experienced workers who are not disabled but perform essentially the same type, quality, and quantity of work in the same vicinity as the disabled worker. The license has a specific duration and minimum wage that must be paid to those employed in each program. (See Labor Code section 1191.)

For general information, download:

Instructions for Completing Application for Sheltered Workshop License or Application for Special Minimum Wage License (rev. 1/2011)

To apply for a license, download:

You can also obtain application or renewal form(s) (please specify which license application is needed) by emailing

Or by contacting:

Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Licensing and Registration Unit
1515 Clay Street, Suite 1902
Oakland, CA 94612
Sheltered Workshop: (510) 285-3399
Minimum Wage (510) 285 3073; (510) 285-3501
Fax: (510) 286-1366

After you complete the application, please send it to this address.

July 2019