Minors Employed in the Entertainment Industry

Minors aged 15 days to 18 years employed in the entertainment industry must have a permit to work, and employers must have a permit to employ.  PLEASE NOTE, however, that these permits are not issued by the Licensing and Registration Unit. Both permits can be issued by any DLSE District Office with a dedicated Entertainment Permit Unit Office located in Van Nuys. Please refer to http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/DLSE-CL.htm for specific information on minors and employment.

Minors Work Hours Waivers Require 2 Business Days Prior Written Notice

All requests for waivers for minors in the entertainment industry to work beyond the prescribed hours as mandated by the Labor Code must be submitted in writing at least 2 business days prior to the actual shoot date. You may fax your requests to the Van Nuys Office at 818-901-5307.