List of Port Trucking Companies with Outstanding Judgments

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Truck Leaving Port

Under Labor Code section 2810.4, effective January 1, 2019, port drayage motor carriers with unsatisfied final court judgments, tax assessments or tax liens must be publicly listed by the California Labor Commissioner’s Office.

Any customer that engages or uses a company or individual on the list shall share with the individual, company, or successor all civil legal responsibility and civil liability owed to a port truck driver for services obtained after the date the company or individual appears on the list. This means the customer is jointly and severally liable for the full amount found due of:

  • unpaid wages
  • unreimbursed expenses
  • damages, penalties and any applicable interest

SB 1402 (2018) defines a port drayage motor carrier to include any company or individual that hires or engages commercial drivers in the port trucking industry.

The published list, which must be updated monthly by the fifth of each month, details the names, addresses and essential information of the port drayage motor carriers listed.

Please note: The Labor Commissioner’s Office provides notice to a company or individual at least 15 business days before they are added to the list. Those companies or individuals that have satisfied their judgments or entered into an approved settlement agreement are removed from the list within 15 business days after the Labor Commissioner’s Office confirms the satisfaction or settlement.

  • Port Drayage Judgment Search for port trucking companies or individuals with an unsatisfied final court judgment, tax assessment, or tax lien be released to the public under federal and state laws.
  • To view archived listings for a company use the Port Drayage Judgment Search to locate judgments. Click on the “View Info” button next to the judgment to see when it was added to or removed from the DIR’s port drayage list.

March 2021