Entertainment Industry Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2019, all talent agencies operating in California must provide their artists with training and education on sexual harassment prevention, retaliation, reporting resources, nutrition and eating disorders.

Applicants for entertainment work permits for minors between the ages of 14 and 17 ( parents/legal guardians as well as the age-eligible minor) must provide satisfactory proof of sexual harassment prevention training before obtaining a minor’s entertainment work permit.

Exemption for 10-Day Temporary Permits
Applicants for 10-day temporary entertainment work permits are exempt from the training requirement.

Options for 13-year-old minors turning 14
Applicants for entertainment work permits for 13-year-old minors who will reach their 14th birthday during the six-month permitting period have the following options:

  1. Apply for a permit which will expire on the minor’s 14th birthday
  2. The Labor Commissioner will issue permits to minors at least 13 years and six months of age, who provide satisfactory proof of sexual harassment prevention training as an age-eligible minor.

Training requirements
The sexual harassment prevention training must at a minimum include the components specified in the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s form, DFEH Form 185. The training must be administered by a third-party vendor and may be provided electronically or on site, in a language the participants understand.  

The training on nutrition and eating disorders must at a minimum include components specified on the National Institute of Health’s Eating Disorders webpage.   

Enforcement begins June 30, 2019
Due to the unavailability of third-party vendors and applicable materials at this time, the Labor Commissioner will not enforce these new provisions until June 30, 2019.

January 2019