Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule - drug formulary

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has adopted a drug formulary to implement Assembly Bill 1124 (Statutes 2015, Chapter 525). The regulations establish an evidence-based drug formulary, consistent with California’s Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS), to augment the provision of high-quality medical care, maximize health, and promote return to work in a timely fashion, while reducing administrative burden and cost.

MTUS Drug Formulary – effective January 1, 2018

Formulary regulations

Obtain a Subscription to ReedGroup’s MDGuidelines and License for the Commercial Use of ACOEM Guidelines / Formulary / MTUS Drug List

  • California medical providers who are new subscribers may obtain an annual commercial license to the ACOEM guidelines and formulary at a discounted rate of $100/year
  • Other users will need to obtain license information by contacting ReedGroup / Joe Guerriero: via email to or by phone (720) 456-4387

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

The Administrative Director has appointed the P&T committee pursuant to Labor Code section 5307.29.  The formulary regulations (title 8, Cal. Code Regs. §§9792.27.18 – 9792.27.23) set forth a description of the role of the Committee and the qualifications to serve.

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The DWC welcomes public comment on the MTUS Formulary and Drug List.  Do you have suggestions regarding the exempt, non-exempt, special fill or peri-operative fill status of a medication? Injured workers, physicians, pharmacists, and others may submit their questions, comments, and suggestions to the DWC formulary email box at



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