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California Code of Regulations, Title 8
Chapter 4.5. Division of Workers' Compensation
Subchapter 1. Administrative Director--Administrative Rules

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Article 5.5.2. Medical treatment utilization schedule

§9792.20. Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule-Definitions.
§9792.21. Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule.
§9792.21.1. Medical Evidence Search Sequence.
§9792.22. General Approaches.
§9792.23. Clinical Topics.
§9792.23.1. Neck and Upper Back Complaints.
§9792.23.2. Shoulder Complaints.
§9792.23.3. Elbow Disorders.
§9792.23.4. Forearm, Wrist, and Hand Complaints.
§9792.23.5. Low Back Complaints.
§9792.23.6. Knee Complaints.
§9792.23.7. Ankle and Foot Complaints.
§9792.23.8. Stress Related Conditions.
§9792.23.9. Eye.
§9792.24. Special Topics.
§9792.24.1. Acupuncture Medical Treatment Guidelines.
§9792.24.2. Chronic Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines.
§9792.24.3. Postsurgical Treatment Guidelines.
§9792.25. Presumption of Correctness, Burden of Proof and Strength of Evidence.
§9792.25.1. MTUS Methodology for Evaluating Medical Evidence.
§9792.26. Medical Evidence Evaluation Advisory Committee.

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