Frequently Asked Questions

OSIP Online Services

  1. Q. What are the system requirements to use OSIP Online Services?

    OSIP Online Services supports Internet Explorer (IE8-11), Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The Annual Report works best with Internet Explorer. Please Note:  OSIP Online Services does not support the "Auto-fill" feature of these browsers.

  2. Q. What is OSIP Online?

    OSIP Online Services is an online system for Self-Insured employers, their representatives and support personnel to electronically administer and manage their communiques and regulatory required responsibilities.

  3. Q. What types of things can be done in OSIP Online Services?

          A.  Coming soon: Enhanced Annual Report features

          Employers and Group Administrators can:
                - select or change an actuary
                - submit financial statements
                - access the Self-Insurer's Annual Report e-filing system

          Group Administrators can also submit Core Member Data

          Public Employers and JPAs can:
                - access the Self-Insurer's Annual Report e-filing system

          Actuaries can:
                - submit Actuarial Summaries & Studies
                - update their profile 
                - de-select employers   

          Each of the tasks listed above have been designed to require minimal input and finished in a matter of minutes.  Therefore, there is no need to "save" any work, only enter and submit.

  4. Q. Are there user guides available for OSIP Online Services?

    Yes, user guides may be found on the Forms, Publications, and Reports page.

  5. Q. How do I get access to OSIP Online Services?

    Sign in with the same username and password used to file the Self-Insurer's Annual Report, or email

  6. Q. What size files can I attach to submissions?

    One PDF up to 15MB can be attached to each financial statement or actuary summary & study submission.   Please email your attachment to if your file is larger. 

  7. Q. What guidance is there for using OSIP Online Services?

    - At the top of each page is general guidance or requirements related to the screen information displayed
    - The tool provides error messages for invalid entries
    - Tips will display while hovering over
    - Whenever a successful update is made the user will see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email.
    - User guides also contain helpful tips and instructions

  8. Q. What if I do not receive a confirmation email?

    Please contact OSIP via email at

  9. Q. Why am I getting an error message when I use the browser back button?

    OSIP Online has its own navigation options built in to the application. Please do not use the navigation buttons your browser provides once you are logged in.

  10. Q. What are the rules for entering monetary numbers?

    Convert figures into US dollars and round to the nearest dollar.

  11. Q. Why am I getting a "System Error" message?

    This is a generic message that may be triggered by numerous issues.  However, one of them occurs occasionally that requires the cache of your browser to be cleared.  The easiest way to do this is to close and open your browser. Please note you will lose anything entered into the application up to that point.


  1. Q. I am trying to register as a new Actuary with OSIP.  What do I do if I don't see my designation in the pull down list?

    The new Actuary Registration form is meant to combine the practical need of contact information and reflect regulatory qualifications.  The regulations are very specific as to which professional designations are required to meet the minimum qualifications ( Therefore, within the form itself, OSIP is asking about and tracking only the designations mandated as meeting the regulatory qualifications. There are many other professional designations which can be earned and included in the written study, but they are not required for Actuary Registration.

  2. Q. How is the Actuarial Summary & Study online form different than the hardcopy version I did previously?

    One difference is the seven certification questions asked previously to ensure qualification to submit actuarial summaries & studies, has been reformatted so you only have to answer one time for all certification questions.

  3. Q. What if I do not see my client listed in the pull down menu of the Actuarial Summary & Study screen?

    This means the employer has not yet selected you as the current actuary.  Please contact the employer directly to discuss making their update to the system.

  4. Q. If I update my Actuary profile with a new actuarial firm, are my client notified?

    No.  There is not an automated notification from OSIP Online to your clients if you change Actuarial Firms.

Financial Statements

  1. Q. How many financial statements can self-insured groups submit through OSIP Online?

    Un-audited financial statements are due March 1st and can be submitted as often as needed before July 1st or until an audited statement has been filed, whichever comes first.

    Audited financial statements can only be submitted once and are due July 1st.

  2. Q. Which financial years can a private employer submit financial statements for?

    Submissions will be accepted for financial year end dates between January 1 of the prior year and the current date.


  1. Q. What do the new regulations require of California Self-Insurers?

    All private self-insurers must submit an actuarial study and an actuarial summary by May 1st of each year using a valuation date of December 31 of the previous year.

  2. Q. Who must file an actuarial study?

    Both current and former private and group self-insurers shall not be required to file an actuarial summary and study if the most recently filed Self-Insurer's Annual Report had either 1) 10 or fewer open claims or 2) less than $1,000,000 of total estimated future liabilities.

    Public entities (cities, counties, and school districts) are not required to file actuarial studies.

  3. Q. When did these requirements go into effect?

    Senate Bill 863 and OSIP's emergency regulations became effective on January 1, 2013.

  4. Q. Which actuaries are qualified to do this?

    A qualified actuary must be independent, have current experience making California workers' compensation actuarial projections, have a minimum of $1 million of professional liability and E&O insurance coverage, and have one of the following professional designations; Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS), or be a member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA), or a member of the Society of Actuaries who is qualified to sign a statement of actuarial opinion on loss reserves.

  5. Q. How will this affect my security deposit?

    Under SB863, self-insurer's security deposit will be equal to the actuarial determined undiscounted central estimate, including IBNR, ALAE and ULAE, net of excess insurance. There are a few exceptions where the deposit amount may be adjusted for other factors.

  6. Q. What if I already have an actuarial study, but it is not valued as of December 31st?

    It is possible to use an earlier valuation date than December 31st if the analysis projects the liabilities to December 31st. This is typically done when the actuary starts the analysis prior to the end of the year. The actuarial report, however, must compare the projected values with the actual values noted in the Self-Insurer's Annual Report, which is valued as of December 31st. Specifically, the actuary should make sure that the projected values through December 31st are not significantly different from the actual values.

  7. Q. Do I still need to complete an OSIP Annual Report and submit financial statements if I file an actuarial summary and study?

    Yes.  These reports are different than an actuarial study and collect important and different information.
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