Wage board prodecures and nomination form

As a result of IWC hearing(s).."if the commission finds that wages paid to employees may be inadequate to supply the cost of proper living, and/or hours or conditions of labor may be prejudicial to the health and welfare of employees in any occupation, trade, or industry…" [Labor Code Section 1178.5 (a)(b)]:

  • It shall select a wage board. Any interested person may submit to the Commission names of possible wage board members.
  • There shall be one wage board per wage order.
  • A wage board shall be composed of an equal number of representatives of employers and employees in the occupation, trade, or industry in question.
  • A nonvoting representative of the Commission shall act as chairperson.
  • The Commission shall make rules governing the number and selection of the members and mode of procedure of the wage board.
  • The wage board will consider the findings of the Commission and other information and report its recommendations.
  • The proceedings of the wage board shall be made a matter of record for the use of the Commission and shall be admissible as evidence in any Commission proceedings.
  • Prior to amending or rescinding any existing order, proposed regulations shall be prepared.
  • The proposed regulations shall include any recommendation of the wage board which received a two-thirds vote of its members.
  • In general, a public hearing on the proposed regulations shall be held in at least three cities. However, there are circumstances whereby one hearing is sufficient.
  • After receipt of the wage board report and public hearings, the Commission may amend or rescind an existing order or promulgate a new order.

Wage Board Nomination Form

Revised 11/29/00