Workers' compensation reference materials

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Most of these publications are available at public, law or university libraries. They may be purchased on-line, at legal book stores, or by calling the phone number listed with the publication.

The Division of Workers' Compensation does not endorse these publications. This list is provided as a public service to the workers' compensation community.

California Workers' Compensation Claims & Benefits by David W. O'Brien
(818) 206-9222 x203 or
California Compensation Cases (annual compilation of significant workers' compensation decisions)
(800) 223-1940 or
California Law of Employee Injuries and Workers' Compensation Practice and Procedure by Warren L. Hanna
(800) 223-1940 or
California Workers' Compensation Law Handbook by Stanford D. Herlick
(800) 223-1940 or
California Workers' Compensation Practice by Charles L. Swezey
(800) 232-3444 or
Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment by the American Medical Association
(800) 621-8335 or (Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Edition available)
Occupational Medicine Practice Guidelines (second edition) by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)
(800) 533-8046 or (third edition available)
Official medical fee schedule (OMFS)
Published by the state Division of Workers' Compensation
(800) 794-6900
Schedule for rating permanent disabilities (PDRS)
Published by the state Division of Workers' Compensation
Sullivan on Comp by Michael W. Sullivan, Esq., Sure S. Log, Esq., Professor David J. Chetcuti
(866) 458-8762 or
Take Charge of Your Workers' Compensation Claim (old version: How to Handle Your Workers' Compensation Claim) by Christopher Ball
(800) 992-6656 (Eighth edition available)

Work Comp Index
(800) 223-1940 or

Workers' Compensation Laws of California (The Labor Code)
(800) 223-1940 or

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