Copy Service Fee Schedule and frequently asked questions about the Copy Service Fee Schedule

The Copy Service Fee Schedule mandated by SB 863 became effective on July 1, 2015. It provides for a flat $180 fee for a set of records from a single custodian. The flat fee encourages prompt payment and has resulted in fewer billing disputes.

Disputes are handled through IBR rather than through the filing of a lien.

The Copy Service Fee Schedule provides for the following:

  • Instead of a per-page fee and itemized fees for subpoena preparation, mileage, and other related fees, a flat fee of $180 covers records of 500 pages and under and includes mileage, postage, delivery, phone calls, page numbering, witness fees, release of information fees, and subpoena preparation.
  • Separate charges are allocated for cancellations, certificates of no record, records obtained from EDD and the WCIRB, and for additional sets of records.
  • For copies above 500 pages, an additional 10 cents a page is allowed.
  • Bills for copy services must include provider tax ID numbers, professional photocopier numbers, and claim numbers and may include billing codes.
  • No payment is required for copy services that are provided within 30 days of a written request to the claims administrator by an injured worker for copies of records in the claims administrator’s possession.

The Copy Service Fee Schedule can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is sales tax separately reimbursable in addition to the flat rate of $180.00 for copy services under section 9983?

A:  Yes, sales tax is separately reimbursable in addition to the flat rate under the copy service fee schedule.

Q:  How are release of information fees handled in the copy service fee schedule?

A:  Release of information services are included in the flat fee. Section 9983(e) provides that release of information services are governed by California Evidence Code section 1563 and disputes over these costs may be resolved by filing a petition with either the WCAB or in Superior Court.

Q: Does the flat fee include fees for personal appearances of witnesses at trial or deposition?

A: No. the flat fee includes witness fees for delivery of records but not for personal appearances at trial or deposition..

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