Effective Workplace Training eTool

Effective Training Steps

3. Plan the Training and Organize Materials

Types of Teaching Techniques and Learning Activities

Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Meetings

  • trainingTailgate or Toolbox safety meetings (as required by T8 CCR 1509) are 10-15 minute on-the job meetings for employees in the construction industry. Tailgate/Toolbox safety meetings are held to keep employees alert to work-related hazards and prevent injuries. Tailgate or Toolbox meetings must address the specific hazards and safe work practices for the work tasks that employees are actually performing. These meetings allow supervisors to draw on the experience of employees and use that experience to remind them of the dangers of particular construction processes, tools, equipment, and materials.
  • How to Run Effective Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Meetings
    • Hold meetings at the start of shifts or after breaks
    • Find a comfortable location for employees
    • Keep meetings brief (i.e., no longer than 15 minutes) and focused on the topics
    • Encourage employee participation by asking questions, having group discussions, and having employees describe their personal experiences
    • Use resources as a reference for subjects to train on including: