Effective Training Steps


Check for Understanding and Get Feedback


The people who can provide the best advice in evaluating the training are the employees. Once trained, check to see if employees have understood the information they received and can apply it to working safely. You can do this in a number of ways including:

  • Asking for feedback on the material
  • Asking for explanations of the procedures, work practices or safe use of tools and equipment
  • Having employees fill out questionnaires on the training
  • Asking open ended questions and inviting comments
  • Having employees demonstrate safe work practices and the proper use of tools and equipment
  • Providing opportunities to practice and discuss new learning
  • Using their answers to questions you asked during the training to see if the employees expectations and needs have been met
  • Getting input from supervisors who have noticed changed behavior and safer work practices from employees once they have returned to work

Use feedback from employees to improve your future trainings. After you have received feedback from the employees make sure to incorporate any of their suggestions, new ideas, or examples that you feel would improve your next training. You can then update your "lesson plan" and modify your teaching techniques and types of learning activities accordingly.