Effective Training Steps

Is your training effective?
Does your training result in an increase in employees' understanding of specific workplace hazards and safer work practices?

Effective training relates directly to the work being done by employee and provides practical and specific information about hazards and how to perform work safely. In general, effective training:

  • trainingCommunicates information in a language and by methods understandable to all employees
  • Helps establish a relationship with employees to improve trust and communication
  • Is participatory and involves employees by drawing on their own real life experiences
  • Allows group hazard identification and problem solving by means of demonstrations, asking questions, discussing ideas, and providing observations and stories
  • Provides opportunities to demonstrate newly learned safe work practices and the safe use of tools, equipment, and chemicals
  • Provides concrete safety and health changes in how work is set-up and performed
  • Is repeated as often as necessary

Steps In Effective Workplace Training

1. Identify Topics to Cover

2. Set Goals and Objectives

3. Plan the Training and Organize Materials

4. Conduct the Training

5. Check for Understanding and Get Feedback