Do's and Don'ts Training Video - Protect Yourself When Using Portable Ladders in Construction


EM    Emilio
TR    Trainer

TR: Hold on Emilio. Emilio, What are you doing wrong here?

STOP! What is wrong with this picture? Ladder Not Open, Climbing with one hand on ladder and other on trigger of nail gun. PARE! Que esta mal en fotografia? LA escalera no esta abierta, subiendo con una mano en la escalera y la otra en el gatillo de la pistola de puntilla.

TR: Ok you need to come down, set your tool down. When you go up a ladder, you need to go both hands on the ladder. What is the other thing you think is wrong?

EM: I got to open it.

TR: Right. You got to open the ladder. Maybe you get someone to help you.

EM: Can you please help me?

Open ladder fully and use both hands to climb. Abra la escalera completamente e use las dos manos para subir.

TR: Right, remember when you go up the ladder, never use the last 2 steps. So now you have to go up with both hands. Both hands using your nail gun.

Emilio hands nail gun to co-worker, climbs the ladder using both hands. Co-worker hands nail gun to Emilio. Emilio continues working.

Ladder must be properly set on level ground. Never work off top three rungs. La escalera debe estar correctamente nivelada. Nunca trabaje e los ultimos tres escalones.

TR: Ok. Your ready to keep working now. Thank you, that's the way you have to do it all the time.