About IWC

The Legislature may provide for minimum wages and for the general welfare of employees and for those purposes, may confer on a commission legislative, executive, and judicial powers. (Article XIV, California Constitution)

It is the continuing duty of the Industrial Welfare Commission... to ascertain the wages paid to all employees in this state, to ascertain the hours and conditions of labor and employment in the various occupations, trades and industries in which employees are employed in this state, and to investigate the health, safety, and welfare of those employees. (Section 1173, California Labor Code)

The California Industrial Welfare Commission is comprised of five members appointed by the Governor. (Section 70, California Labor Code)

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To contact the IWC, please send an e-mail to IWC@dir.ca.gov or write to IWC, 800 Capitol Mall, MIC-55, Sacramento, CA 95814. If you have questions regarding wage orders or their enforcement, please contact your DLSE district office.