Petition File No. 598

Title 8, General Industry Safety Orders, Subsections 5006.1(d) and 5006.2(d)(3)

Petition File No. 598

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO)
Thom Sicklesteel, Chief Executive Officer

To amend Title 8, General Industry Safety Orders (GISO), subsections 5006.1(d) and 5006.2(d)(3), regulations associated with re-certification requirements of crane operators. The Petitioner asks Cal/OSHA to consider, through rulemaking or a process outside rulemaking, the requirement that, for recertification [of crane operators], a certificant either (i) retake a “hands-on” practical examination, or (ii) have at least 1,000 hours of documented experience operating “the specific type of crane” for which certification is sought. Additionally, the Petitioner requests that California’s requirements be revised to allow accredited certification bodies to determine the appropriate amount of operating experience necessary to be exempt from the practical examination at the time of recertification and the types of experience that should count towards qualifying for a particular “hands-on” exam exemption.

Petitioner states that California’s existing language diverges, in material ways, from federal OSHA requirements and guidance, because in a letter of interpretation, federal OSHA approved of an exemption from taking the practical exam based on experience and in a way that allowed for some flexibility. Additionally, Petitioner states that California’s exemption from the hands-on examination requirement at recertification is simply unattainable and that California’s more stringent standard will make it extremely difficult for most crane operators to qualify for an exemption from the “hands-on” examination, and will impose significant burdens on stakeholders because it will increase the costs paid by employers for practical testing of operators and could cause crane operators to drop certifications, resulting in a shortage of crane operators in certain categories.

The Petitioner believes that accredited certification bodies, assisted by expertise from the industry, are in an ideal position to identify the amount of experience required for exemption from the hands-on testing.