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Youth in Construction - Handling Material

What Can Happen to You


"My friend used to do roofing and he hurt his back really badly from all the heavy lifting which is why he had to quit"
person bending forward

Just like doing hard work at home, handling construction materials can cause serious injuries in your back and other parts of your body. These injuries can lead to you working with pain and eventually not being able to work at all.

Guys says: Check it out! Work safer when moving or handling loads

How to Keep Yourself Safe

You are responsible for following the training and safe work practices of your teachers and employers.

1. Get Trained On

  • Using equipment to move or handle materials whenever possible
    Person using a cart
  • Team lifting - get buddies to help you, do not do it yourself
    2 people carrying large wooden board
  • Safer ways to lift, carry, and handle materials
Lifting techniques for lumber/pipes, sheets and sacks/bags

2. Make Good Choices

  • Always follow your training
  • Wear good footwear to avoid slips, trips, and falls
  • Stretch before you start working
  • Take rest breaks to relax your tired muscles
  • Talk to you teacher or supervisor if you:
    • Are not sure how to safely handle materials
    • Think something is unsafe
    • Feel pain or have an injury

Books  For more information on how to keep yourself safe, read Best Practices, Training Topics for Teachers and Employers.