B. Look at Your Work Space

Now look at your work space. Awkward postures may cause you to use more force. Select a tool that can be used within the space available. For example, if you work in a cramped area and high force is required, select a tool that is held with a power grip. A pinch grip will produce much less power than a power grip. Exerting force with a pinch grip means you will work harder to get the job done.

Handtool with a pinch grip.
Pinch Grip
Handtool with a power grip.
Power Grip

If you work in a cramped space, you may not be able to use a long-handle tool. Use of a long-handle tool may cause awkward postures or harmful contact pressure on your hand as you use more force. Instead, use a tool that fits within the work space. A short-handle tool can help you reach your target directly as you keep your wrist straight.

Handtool with a long handle.
Long-handle tool
Handtool with a short handle.
Short-handle tool