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Construction Industry

The word is out ... But have YOU heard?

Consultation helps remove hazards, lower accident rates, save money, and boost profitability

Get advice you need from consultants you can trust.

  • Consultants are knowledgeable safety and industrial hygiene professionals
  • Every consultation is confidential
  • Consultations are free

Frequently Asked Questions

You benefit from consultation when you ...

  • Reduce preventable accidents and injuries
  • Reduce workers compensation premiums
  • Decrease employee absence and turnover rates
  • Helping you strengthen your safety culture
  • Get an abatement period instead of a citation
  • Avoid fines

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Construction Workers

Consultation is already working for these employers

Safety Pays

"We saved upwards of 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars" - AIC

Employers holding the reward certificates

Seeing the whole picture

"You have a lot of specialists in the field of safety... one person might know something about cranes, but they don't really see the overall picture ... I really felt that our consultant was the kind of person that saw the overall picture." - Diversified Container

Increased savings

"We've saved thousands of dollars by using the program... There are just so many ways it's helped... getting the consultation at no cost." - Filing Source

They're the helping hand of OSHA... Diversified Container


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The Process

Requesting Assistance
Call your local Consultation Services office and request an on-site visit. The request will be assigned to a consultant who will contact you to schedule a date and time.

Cal/OSHA Form 300Preparing for the Visit
Have ready:

  • Company safety programs
  • Workers' compensation loss runs
  • Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Opening Conference
The visit opens with a conference. For union companies, the representative should be present. Any employee participation is welcome. The consultant will explain the process, and management can decide whether to proceed.

Learning From Your Safety Record
The consultant will help identify hazards by analyzing your past injuries and illnesses. The focus will be on preventing future losses.

Program Review
The consultant will review all written safety programs, and assess how well they are being put into practice. You'll receive materials and guidance in setting-up an effective injury and illness prevention program.

Walk-Around Hazard Identification
The consultant will conduct a walk-around inspection and help you identify and correct unsafe conditions and work practices.

Closing Conference
At the end of the on-site visit. The consultant will summarize the findings and timeframes for correcting hazards with a written report to follow.