DIR/CHSWC Young Workers' Program

Each year, California teens enter the workforce through summer jobs or part-time employment. However, many teens are unaware of their employment rights and the possible hazards that they can encounter in the workplace. The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation (CHSWC) recognize these dangers and are dedicated to ensuring that ALL teens have a healthy and positive work experience. DIR and CHSWC are committed to providing necessary education and resources about health and safety requirements including employment rights so teens can be safe in the workplace. It is critical that new entrants into the labor force learn good and safe habits early on so that they can use safety practices throughout their career in order to minimize potential wage loss and lost work time, and avoid potential permanent physical impairment and the upset of altered career expectations. Safety Is the Best Policy! Spread the word!

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May - Safe Jobs for Youth Month

Cal/OSHA Consultation Services, a division of DIR, provides information on health and safety requirements to prevent injuries in the workplace. Consultation Services can assess and make recommendations to improve safety BEFORE a workplace accident occurs.

The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), also a division of DIR, provides information on employment rights and enforces the California Labor Code governing child labor. Among the requirements, youth who are high-school aged must have a permit to work, coordinated through their schools. Further, DLSE responds to and investigates allegations of unsafe or unpermitted work conditions.

Just by knowing that Consultation Services and DLSE are available resources, young workers can play an important role in ensuring a safe workplace!

In addition to the traditional resources, DIR and CHSWC have formed partnerships with key government agencies and statewide organizations representing educators, employers and parents to effectively protect young workers from being injured in the workplace. DIR collaborates with these partners to sponsor workshops, career fairs, and contests. These events are organized by youth and are designed to encourage teens to take an active role in learning about health and safety requirements including employment rights. These lessons learned can benefit teens throughout their lifetime.

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