Frequently Asked Questions Related to Electronic Certified Payroll (eCPR) As Required by SB 854


Who needs to submit electronic certified payroll (eCPR) information and when

Who is responsible for submitting payroll on eCPR? Is the eCPR system the only option for submitting certified payroll? Is every company responsible for submitting its own payroll for each project it is working on? If a contractor has been submitting print copies of certified payroll for an ongoing project that began before the new online system, may the contractor continue to submit payroll that way or must he now use the eCPR system? The awarding body said that because the project was awarded or started before April 1, 2015, it does not have to register the project through the PWC-100 and the contractor does not need to file CPRs online; is this correct? If the awarding body does not fill out the PWC 100, how can a contractor submit certified payroll? Should a subcontractor be listed on the project when the awarding body registers the PWC-100? If the contractor is required to submit certified payroll records (CPRs) to a union, to the prime contractor, or to the awarding body or LCP, does the contractor still have to submit CPRs to DIR? How often must the contractor submit eCPRs? How do I look up a public works project?

Payroll information table

Is the hourly wage net or gross?  In other words: Does a contractor give the pre-tax hourly wage and include the fringe benefits (vacation/holiday, health insurance, pension) into the hourly wage? Does "Net Wages Paid for Week" refer only to wages paid for the public works project? Should the Deductions, Contributions, and Payments be reported by the hour or by the pay-period? If employer withholds for only some but not all of the listed deductions, what should I put in the boxes for which I have no withholdings, “0” or nothing at all? What should I do if I have deductions (such as Medicare) for which there is no box on the online form? What should I put for deductions if my employees filed to be exempt from income tax (W4)? Is it necessary to specify that a given eCPR is for the final week of a particular job? If I pay my workers' benefits directly to them, then should that amount still go in the respective deductions box, or should I put a “0” in the box? What should I do if my payroll software does not break down the various deductions for me or if a worker does prevailing wage work for only part of the time and I don’t have separate deductions for just the prevailing wage hours? What should I do with fringe benefits that do not go into any of the boxes on the online form, such as the kinds of things that used to go on a separate fringe benefits statement?

Sole proprietors

Are sole proprietor contractors required by law to pay prevailing wages and submit eCPRs for work done on public works projects? What if the company hasn’t hired any workers yet, so the owner does all the work? What if the company has employees, but the owner/partner/corporate officer does some work as well? As a sole proprietor, how do I calculate my pay rate? Do I have to issue myself a paycheck? What happens if I lose money on the job? What if I do not have employees or a FEIN number? Am I subject to payroll taxes? Do I have to employ apprentices?

Problems uploading and/or submitting eCPR information

I upload the document and the eCPR site validates that the upload has acceptable format information, but when I click on the button that says "load the xml into the online eCPR form," nothing appears. Will the iForm save my work for me?

How to delete or modify submitted eCPRs

Is there a way to transfer the payroll from one week to another? If not, how can I delete a payroll report? I need to correct a submittal to adjust the deductions. What do I do if I entered some information about my company (such as the address, the workers’ compensation information, etc.) incorrectly or it has since changed?

How to Obtain a copy of a submitted eCPR

Is there any way to go back and look at the payroll I submitted to DIR? What information does “full redaction” remove from eCPRs?  Can I view and print out all documented certified payroll records associated with a project?

October 2015