Awarding Bodies

What Is an Awarding Body?

An awarding body is the entity that awards a contract for public works and is sometimes known as the project owner. The awarding body can be any kind of public agency or official (state, county, city, school board, water district, etc.) or a private entity using public funds.

Awarding Body Responsibilities

  • Register public works projects with DIR. Project registration must be completed within 30 days of awarding the contract, but no later than the first day in which a contractor has workers employed upon the public works.
  • Obtain prevailing wage rates from DIR.
  • Notify potential contractors that they must register with DIR and that the project is subject to enforcement by DIR.
  • Require proof of publics works contractor registration before accepting a bid or awarding a contract. To find actively registered contractors, use: Public Works Contractor Registration Search.
  • Post or require contractors to post jobsite notices on public works requirements.
  • Ensure that public works contractors pay prevailing wages and are in compliance with public works laws.
  • Report any suspected public works violations to the Labor Commissioner.

For more information and to find exact legal definitions and language please see the Public Works Chapter of the California Labor Code.

February 2021