April 28, 1998

Circular Letter E-98-1 (Amended)

T0:  Installers, Manufacturers of Wheelchair Lifts and Inclined Stairway Chairlifts and Other Interested Parties

SUBJECT:  New Regulation

The Division is announcing the adoption of new regulations affecting the installation and maintenance of wheelchair lifts and inclined stairway chairlifts. The Office of Administrative Law approved the regulation on April 9, 1998 and has filed it with the Secretary of State which means the effective date will be May 9, 1998. This regulation will be part of Article 15 in the Elevator Safety Orders.

Owners will no longer have to apply for a variance when installing a lift over five feet. (Note: The regulation does limit travel to twelve feet). The only item that is required at this time is a letter of intent to install usually submitted by the installing company. If the installation is unique or problems arise a complete set of installation plans may be required. Upon completion of the installation, the District Office which has jurisdiction must be informed in order to schedule an inspection. Due to the workloads of the District Offices, a two-week notice is necessary to assure a prompt inspection.

This new regulation also brings all existing lifts with a travel of less than five feet under the jurisdiction of the Division. These lifts are grandfathered to the extent that they will be allowed as originally installed. If any changes are made to the original installation, such as removing keys, they will have to comply with the new regulation. Also, all lifts installed by variance may continue to operate per the variance decision unless changes are made.

A copy of the new regulation may be obtained by contacting Barclays Law Publishers.

James L. Meyer
Principal Safety Engineer
DOSH - Elevator, Ride and Tramway Unit