November 30, 1994

Circular Letter E-94-4

T0:  Elevator Companies, Elevator Inspectors and Others Concerned

SUBJECT:  Apollo Bronze Valve - Part #70-108-01

Circular Letter E-94-3 required the Apollo Bronze Valve, Part #70-108-01, to be replaced. Confusion exits as to which valve is in question. The above part number indicates the referenced valve is a two-inch bronze valve. Also, only the 600 WOG rated valve is affectedd.

The manufacturer, Combraco Industries, Inc. recommends that any valve used in the elevator hydraulic system must comply with established requirements.

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health's Elevator, Tramway and Amusement Ride Unit requires that any replacement valve must meet the requirements of the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Elevator Safety Orders.


James L. Meyer
Principal Safety Engineer
DOSH - Elevator, Tramway, and Amusement Ride Unit


Circular E-94-4