July 13, 1994

Circular Letter E-94-3

T0:  Elevator Companies, Elevator Inspectors and Others Concerned

SUBJECT:  Apollo Bronze Ball Valves

The Division is ordering that any Apollo Bronze Ball Valves, with Part Number 70-108-01 having a rating of 600 WOG be replaced with Apollo Steel Ball Valve, Part Number 89-108-01 having a rating of 1500 WOG. Apollo has recommended the replacement be made to bring the hydraulic systems into compliance with the applicable safety orders.

Any inquiries regarding the Apollo Valves should be directed to:

Jerry Mullis Chief Engineer/Apollo Ball Valve Divison
Conbraco Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 125
Pageland, S. C. 29728
Fax No. (803) 672-6747


W. E. McTiernan

Principal Safety Engineer
DOSH - Elevator, Tramway, and Amusement Ride Unit


Circular E-94-3