IIPP Questions for Employers With Establishments Having Less Than 20 Employees (That Meet the Requirements of 3203 (b) (2) Exception No.3)

How to Create Your Written IIPP - Questions

Step 1 - What Have You Already Been Doing for Safety?
Step 2 - Review the Sample Model Program
Step 3 - Answer the IIPP Questions

Step 1 - What Have You Already Been Doing for Safety?

To answer this question gather up information on your current safety rules, policies, and practices. Use this information to answer the IIPP questions below to create or improve your written IIPP.

Once you have gathered information on your current rules, policies, and practices you can develop an IIPP that is:

  • Specific to your workplace, and
  • Specifies how you will put your program into practice

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Step 2 - Review the Sample Model Program

To save time, a sample model program is provided as a reference when developing or improving your IIPP. The numbers in the sample model program correspond to the IIPP questions listed below. Before you start, review the sample model program and IIPP questions.

Step 3 - Answer the IIPP Questions

Lifting a metal containerTo develop your own written IIPP customized to your workplace, answer the IIPP questions below. Each question you answer will automatically appear underlined in your written Injury and Illness Prevention Program. To produce a complete written IIPP which is specific to your workplace you must fully answer all the IIPP questions. Your answers must be specific to your work place policies and procedures and the work activities your employees actually perform. In addition to your answers to these questions, all of the other IIPP requirements will also automatically be included in your written IIPP when it is printed.

For some of the IIPP question below, (examples) of answers are included. These examples are intended to help by giving you an idea of what other employers have in their written IIPP programs. Depending on your workplace policies and procedures and the work activities your employees actually perform, these example may or may not be appropriate for you to use when answering the IIPP questions.

Remember that an effective IIPP is not just a paper program. For your IIPP to be effective you must fully put it into practice in your workplace.

IIPP Questions

Please read before you begin: When navigating away from this page after you have started to fill out the questionnaire below, click the browser back button to get back to the form so your answers will NOT be cleared.

1. Responsibility

2. Hazard Assessment

- Examples

To help you evaluate your workplace for hazards, use the Hazard Assessment Checklist under "Tools" of this eTool.

3. Training and Instruction

To help you train employees and supervisors use the List of Training Subjects and the Worker Training and Instruction Record under "Tools of this eTool. To help you provide effective training see the Effective Workplace Training etool.


What's next

After you have printed out your written program then:

  1. Use the Sample Forms and Checklists provided to help you put into place your written program and document the various elements of your IIPP.
  2. After you have put your program into place answer the Effectiveness Questions to help you determine if your program is effective and what else you need to do.