En banc decisions

A matter reassigned by the chairman on a majority vote of the commissioners to the Appeals Board as a whole in order to achieve uniformity of decision or in cases presenting novel issues.

Significant panel decisions

Cases that are identified for dissemination by the WCAB in order to address new or recurring issues of importance to the workers' compensation community. Significant Panel Decisions have been reviewed by each of the commissioners, who agree that the decision merits general dissemination.

Panel decisions

Panel decisions are not binding precedent on other Appeals Board panels and WCJs. However, panel decisions are citable and are considered to the extent that their reasoning is persuasive.

Cases pending on appellate grants

A list of the workers' compensation cases in which writs of review have been granted by the district courts of appeal and the Supreme Court.

This list is updated each month, at which time recent appellate grants and the dates of additional oral arguments are added to the list. Cases in which an appellate court opinion has issued are deleted. For further information about oral arguments or the status of a case, one should contact the clerk of the court in which the writ of review is pending. The brief summary of the issues in each case is included for general information only and is not intended as a definitive description of the issues or as a statement by the court itself.

June 2021