Upgrades to DIR’s Public Works Website Services

DIR is excited to announce that we are currently upgrading our Public Works website services (e.g., PWC100, eCPR, PWCR) to deliver a more seamless, distinctive constituent experience, able to adapt to the changing needs of entities and workers in California.

This modernization of Public Works’ website services will make interactions with DIR easier and more efficient. Key improvements DIR’s constituents can expect include:

  • Combined Common Portal: Single, unified, and reliable system replacing PWC100, PWCR, and eCPR websites to streamline user experience and remove duplicative processes (e.g., project registration and linking).
  • Instant Prevailing Wage Lookup: Simplified search mechanism, determining detailed prevailing wage with a single query for any given worker on a particular project, inclusive of predetermined increase breakdowns and overtime rates. Ability to download data in delimited text file format.
  • Increased System Reliability and Responsiveness: Faster and consistent system performance, even during peak periods, enhancing experience of completing tasks such as project registration.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: More robust self-service and payment management features, including abilities to edit registration details, add new users, reset passwords, associate with subcontractors, and clearly view payment totals.
  • Improved eCPR Process: Accelerated eCPR upload speeds with the ability to easily edit or correct submissions, save worker profiles/templates, duplicate previous submissions, and group workers for batch submissions.

DIR is committed to improving the customer experience for our constituents and we recognize the importance of this technology modernization in achieving that commitment.

Upgrades to the DIR Public Works website services will launch later this year, with updates released on a rolling basis. Resources, training, and relevant updates will be shared in the coming months. Stay tuned!

For more information and to find exact legal definitions and language please see the Public Works Chapter of the California Labor Code.

January 2024