Office of Policy, Research, and Legislation (OPRL)

Programs and Initiatives

Research and Statistics

  • Conduct and oversee research to evaluate effectiveness of programs
  • Coordinate the sharing of data and information between agencies
  • Prepare and maintain statistics and databases on public works projects, occupational injuries & illnesses, the California Consumer Price Index, and alternative workweek programs.

    View prevailing wage determinations, statistics, and databases

Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA)

Programs and Initiatives


  • Communicate and collaborate on emerging issues with the Governor’s Office, other branches of federal and state government, workers, employers and others in the community
  • Undertake strategic planning to ensure integration of policy, research, legislative activities, education and outreach


  • Analyze proposed legislation including potential costs, benefits, and other impacts
  • Coordinate legislative activities within the Department and with other agencies
  • Support and coordinate the implementation of newly enacted legislation

Contact Information

Main Line: (510) 286-7087

For constituent inquiries, please send your request to

Legislative Reports


September 2020