California Consumer Price Index


The California CPI is updated on even-numbered months (mid-February, mid-April, mid-June, etc.)

  •  Consumer Price Index calculator (1989 - 2024)
  • Calculates percentage changes in CPI data, depending on selection of geographical area (index), "All Urban Consumers" or "Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers" (index type), and time period (1989 to 2024).

The Consumer Price Index historic data (1914-2024) is also available on request; the file will be provided via e-mail in ZIP format.

If you need assistance in computing CPI changes from one period to the next, please contact us via the following:

Front Office: (415) 703-4780
Mailing address: Department of Industrial Relations
Office of the Director – Research Unit
PO Box 420603
San Francisco, CA 94142

Additional Consumer Price Index information is available from:
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:
U.S. Department of Labor:

April 2024