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Cal/OSHA Consultation Service

Point of operationThe Consultation Service of Cal/OSHA provides a free service to help employers and employees with health and safety issues at their workplaces, without the risk of citations or monetary fines. The professional staff of health and safety consultants can help you develop and implement your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). There are seven offices throughout the State:

  • Fresno - Central Valley | (559) 454-1295
  • Oakland - San Francisco Bay Area | (510) 622-2891
  • Sacramento - Northern California | (916) 263-0704
  • San Bernardino - Inland Empire | (909) 383-4567
  • San Diego - Imperial Valley | (619) 767-2060
  • San Fernando Valley - Santa Barbara & NW LA Co. | (818) 901-5754
  • La Palma / LA Metro Area / Orange Co. | (714) 562-5525

On-Line Resources

Cal/OSHA has resources to provide additional help to you with your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). These resources are available on the Cal/OSHA website at:

Contains - Why Have a Workplace IIPP?

  • What is an IIPP?
  • Getting Started on Your IIPP?
  • Safety and Health Recordkeeping
  • Model Programs
  • Sources of Information and Help
    • Cal OSHA Consultation Service
    • Other Sources
  • Appendices A-D
    • A: Model Policy Statements
    • B: Non-mandatory Checklist Evaluation
    • C: Code of Safe Practices
    • D: Title 8. Sections 3203 and 1509


  • Checklists for self inspection, and
  • 5 printable hard copy sample model IIPP programs, and
  • a copy of T8CCR 3203.

A Note of Caution

Although a wide variety of sample model programs may be available from other sources besides Cal/OSHA, these other model programs may not meet all of the requirements for employers and employees in the state of California under T8CCR 3203, the Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

August 2014