Alternative workweek elections database - Search Instructions

  1. Fill in one or more fields
  2. Capitalization is ignored
  3. Word order is important. For example, Plumbing ABC does not match ABC Plumbing.
  4. Filling in part of a company name will provide all records with that part in the name name. For example, elect matches D&Z Microelectronics, Davis Electric, and Select Personnel Services.
  5. A blank field matches anything. For example, leave the city field blank and records in any city will be found.
  6. Spaces between words are important. For example, 123 Mainstreet will not match 123 Main street.
  7. There is no means provided to conduct "or" searches. For example, while there are matches for electric, and matches for electronic, searching for electric or electronic will produce no results.
  8. Searching with a partial query and an asterisk, *, as a wild card will find all records that contain that partial query.