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Environmental Technology
The Environmental Technology certificate/degree program is designed to train students for employment in the field of environmental management, monitoring assessment and restoration; upgrade and refine skills of individuals currently employed in the field of environmental technology; and allow students to transfer to a four-year institution in an environmental major.

Career Opportunities:

  • Air Quality Engineer
  • Associate Toxic Waste Specialist
  • Conservation Consultant
  • Environmental Advocate
  • Environmental Hazardous Materials Technician
  • Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
  • Environmental Journalist
  • Environmental Research-Test Technician
  • Fishery of Wildlife Biologist
  • Game or Fishery Technician
  • Geologist
  • Pollution Analyst
  • Pollution Control Technician
  • Remedial Contractor
  • Risk Management Technician
  • Safety Officer
  • Soils Analyst
  • Waste Water Treatment Operator

Bachelor Degree of higher required

Associate in Science Degree Requirements:

BIO 112      Contemporary Issues in Environmental Resources (3 units) 
BIO 130      General Biology I (3 units) 
BIO 131      General Biology I Laboratory (1 units)
CHEM 115     Fundamentals of Chemistry (4 units) 
ENVT 100     Introduction to Environmental Hazardous Materials Technology (3 units)
ENVT 110     Waste Stream Generation/Reduction/Treatment (3 units)
ENVT 130     Health Effects of Hazardous Materials (3 units) 
ENVT 150     Hazardous Waste Management Applications (4 units)
ENVT 200     Hazardous Materials Management Applications (4 units)
ENVT 230     Safety and Emergency Response (4 units)
Total:  32 units

Select a minimum of three (3) units from the following:

BUS/SUPV 128    Business Communications (3 units)
CSIS 110        Introduction to Computers (4 units) 
SPCH 122        Oral Communication:  Principles of Oral Composition and Delivery (3 units)
Total Required 35-36 units Plus General Education Requirements

Certificate of Achievement
Any student who chooses to complete only the major requirements listed above qualifies for a Certificate in Environmental Technology. To receive a certificate, an official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.


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