Permanent Disability

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The most extensive and potentially far-reaching efforts undertaken by the Commission are the ongoing studies of workers' compensation permanent disability in California.

The manner in which California rates and compensates injured workers for total and partial permanent disability has enormous impact on the adequacy of their benefits, their ability to return to gainful employment, the smooth operation of the Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) adjudication system, and the cost of the workers' compensation system to employers.

Incorporating public fact-finding hearings and discussions with studies by RAND and other independent research organizations, the CHSWC projects focus on policy issues regarding how California workers are compensated for permanent disability incurred on the job. These efforts are assisted by a CHSWC permanent disability policy advisory committee, comprised of interested members of the workers' compensation community. This section also covers temporary disability benefit issues.

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Impact of Local Economic Conditions on Wage Loss

March 2021