Policy and Procedural Manual

The current Policy and Procedural Manual became operative as of Oct. 6, 2003, and all versions and sections prior to  Oct. 6, 2003 are deemed inoperative.  The manual has been revised since 2003, with revisions effective on  March 4, 2013.* The 2003 version is now deemed inoperative.

This is not a final document. The appeals board and the administrative director will entertain suggestions for additional sections or revisions of existing sections.

Suggestions may be emailed to Anne Schmitz, Secretary and Deputy Commissioner, Workers' Compensation Appeals Board at ASchmitz@dir.ca.gov. Alternatively, suggestions may be sent to the appeals board at:

Workers' Compensation Appeals Board
Attn: Anne Schmitz, Secretary and Deputy Commissioner
Post Office Box 429459
San Francisco CA 94142-9459

The version of the Policy and Procedure Manual in effect prior to March 4, 2013 may be obtained by emailing ReconPRA@dir.ca.gov.

June 2020